Crank it UP the Book

Crank It UP was authored by Warren Otter as a way of assisting business owners of medium sized private companies become aware of the strategic importance of the right bolt on acquisition.  Too many business owners hit maturity and try to push through growth by the old slow organic method, when there is a safer and faster way to grow your business if you – the owner has the right mindset and appetite.

Warren has the practical experience from being a successful and award winning business owner himself; who grew his initial manufacturing business fivefold (in a low growth sector). Warren believes so strongly in the benefits of growth via strategic acquisition that he now works alongside other businesses to take their companies to the next level of growth, profit and professionalism.

He has a Business Degree in Accounting and is a qualified CPA; he also holds a Masters in Business Administration, which gives him the combination of both the required educational background as well as practical experience that has been developed over many years.

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