Our experience

Our principal Mr Warren Otter has been a business owner in the tough manufacturing environment for over 20 years.

Warren took his initial company from $4.5 million to $8.5 million turnover via organic growth and then through three strategically structured takeovers resulting in a $25 + million turnover (in 2005) and strong bottom-line.

He has grown businesses through the maturity stage several times and understands the strategic elements to look out for.  See Case Studies on this site.

Warren believes so strongly in the benefits of this strategy that he now works alongside other private business owners to take their business to the next level of growth, profit, and professionalism.

Warren is a qualified CPA with a Masters in Business Administration, which gives him a combination of both the required educational background as well as practical experience that has been developed over the years.

He has also directly employed numerous business coaches and mentors over the past 20 years which has given him exposure to a variety of ideas and experience.

Warren has found that utilising external business mentors and advisors added a different perspective on an ongoing basis helping him grow his businesses. The benefit of having an external viewpoint to assist business is what he strongly believes and advocates.

Warren was a Board Member of the Victorian Family Business Association from 2000 to 2002.

As the majority shareholder and Managing Director of Otter Nails, Warren led the team that won the Monash Business Awards for Excellence in 2005.

He is also the author of, “Crank It UP – the proven way to drive your business to greater wealth”, which was written to assist mid sized business owners understand the issues and opportunities on growth via acquisition.