Succession & Exit planning

Not ready to fully retire just yet; looking for a better solution?

Can you imagine instead of selling and retiring, you could access your business value now plus take ongoing regular time away from your business for living and enjoying life.

We have developed an alternative strategy to selling and retiring now; which is supported by our structured program to allow selected business owners to achieve both of these outcomes.

Currently the general advice from Exit Advisors is to prepare your business at least 3-5 years prior to selling and exiting the business.

Our alternative proven strategy allows most owners to get the benefits within 3-6 months. As our strategy is different to the traditional approach it only works for those business owners who qualify and want the benefits now.

To see if you qualify take our short questionnaire

Once you complete the questionnaire we will review your responses and will schedule a no obligation 15-minute Zoom meeting. On the call we will discuss your responses and your personal goals, to see if our unique strategy will achieve your needs.

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Our succession / exit planning strategy includes:

  • Focus on your personal life needs (lifestyle and financial)
  • Enabling the Business to rely less on your time (soft exit)
  • Identify Business Value and strategically extract it now
  • Develop a strong growth strategy with >3X value generation


Our Core Focus

Exit yourself from full time to part time:
We help businesses owners move from the full time Managing Director (Owner Operator) to a strategic part time role as the Owner Investor (Chair of the Board). Focus here is on developing or establishing your A Team.

Exit your wealth now:
We review the possibility of you extracting the full value / wealth of the business now to enjoy and utilise (in part to secure retirement years, but also to set a sound base for personal wealth outside the business now).

Grow the business value >3X:
Develop and execute a growth strategy to increase the future value of the business while reducing dependence on your full time involvement to achieve it.


Who is this strategy best suited for?

This set of strategies works best for;

  • for owners of mature businesses who are tired and just want more time and wealth out of their business now; &
  • owners of mature businesses who are considering selling and retiring, but don’t really want to sell yet.

When should you start developing a plan to exit your value and your time?

Our view is once you have a proven business model it is time to start to develop a strategy to exit both the value from your business and your time from your business.

The best businesses are those that work for you, rather than you working for your business.

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