Helping Businesses Grow (older)

Get Ready & Be Aware

It may seem a long time since you started your business. You’ve had a lot of success and your business is in good shape. Life is good. But could it be better? In this economic climate a lot of businesses are moving into the ‘maturity’ stage of the business life cycle. Growth is starting to flatten, or even decline.  Many businesses owners know in their gut that is should and could be better.

This is the moment of truth.

The business owner has the option to give the business a kick start and move forward. Or watch it continue to age and perhaps even move slowly into decline. How you react to the moment of truth depends on whether you think like a business operator or like an entrepreneur.

Get Set

The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner/operator is that an entrepreneur knows how to grow their business whilst a business owner/operator worries how. In fact the best entrepreneurs always do the opposite to the crowd. And in times like this, they opt to continue to grow – largely via demonstrating an inclusive and empowering leadership style accompanied with strategic acquisitions.

And Grow

At Otter & Associates we work closely with business owners to understand their expectations and lifestyle goals. We recommend and demonstrate a leadership style that encourages profitable growth without extra stress or time imposition on the owner.  We have a track record of sourcing strategically suitable opportunities with 40% return on investment.  This means the growth has quick pay back, something banks are always looking for.  Our experience means we can reduce the risk of an underperforming acquisition as well as demonstrate how it can be managed easier than your current situation.